November 30, 2010

Inspirationally fabulous

This is Welle: Erdball, a synth/chiptune group from Germany. Their first album came out in 1994 and they're still going strong today.

November 27, 2010

Fall Attire

Hi everyone! Long time no post.

I'm officially in Japan now and am officially buying Japanese clothes. Cheap cheap Japanese clothes!

Today was a fairly warm day and I had to bike out in crazy winds, so I pulled my hair back and decided to try to finally wear the pinky girly wannabe lumberjack shirt I bought at Uniqlo a million months ago. I kind of like wearing patterns and colors that aren't suited for the season I'm in. (Clearly I'm highly rebellious with my pink pink pink clothes in the fall.)

Do any of you guys dress with a particular season in mind? You know, pastels/florals in the spring, bright colors in the summer, etc?

November 22, 2010

Oita mountain simplicity

Top: Michael Kors
Jeggings: Who knows, from Kohls
Wool trench: Zara
Brogues: Shimamura
Glasses: Kokuraya

November 13, 2010

Letting off some steam

So, yeah. I never really dress up or have a really good sense of fashion in all honesty, but tonight I'm going out and this was the outfit I concocted. It'd be all black if I didn't add at least that belt that reminds me of home in Texas and the necklace that kinda pops it out as well. 
Those "tights" are actually the heat tech stuff from Uniqlo. I'm hoping they do me justice since I'll be riding my bike to my destination. I'll see how this goes. 
I am in love with my new boots though. These things would cost me a ton more in Austin than here. Thank god for Japanese women's obsession with shoes. Sometimes, it actually brings down the cost. 

November 03, 2010


Different shoes in each shot, all brand new.