October 30, 2009

Halloween duds

It's the last day of the week before Halloween, so I figure a lot of ALTs wore spooky outfits or doofy costumes to work today. Forgive me for looking exhausted; I just got back after 10 1/2 hours.

Charcoal pinstriped suit, black shirt, orange tie to complete the Halloween motif while not looking like a faulknerian man-child. I've started wearing my suits to work because the mornings have gotten damn brisk.

Jacket off means serious business. "Is that your math homework you're doing in my class, Ryuhei?"

Costume after school for the ESS Halloween party:

October 28, 2009

Let's wearing the outers

Ok so although it's a bit late, I'm now ready to jump on this outer-wear bandwagon.

Recently my winter case was delivered and so I have a nice collection of jackets and coats. This is my current favourite; my Peacocks (for all the Brits out there) jacket. My jumper is my nice new Uniqlo "Disney" jumper.

What's nice about this jacket is that if I want to be a bit girly...

I can wear my new scarf that feels like it's made of baby rabbits. I see the J-girls wearing stuff like this.. I'm not quite sure how to make it look good yet but I'll work out a flattering way to tie the scarf soon.

October 20, 2009

outer space wear

I love jackets. That's it really. The bottom two are my winter coat from Zara. Wool with lots of silver metal buckles. The other two have been on here from time to time. Leather and the free box MJ jacket.

Theme: Coats and outer wear

Why wear anything else in Winter when all you need is a nice warm coat and maybe some knee high socks? :)

This coat was quite a splurge from a shopping trip last weekend. It is just so cute I HAD to have it! <3

the back is gathered so it doesn't look like a shapeless sack and its not obvious from the photos but it is actually a dusty pink colour with some nice detailing! :)

October 19, 2009

Work outfit #2

After some chilly days in my inaka, today finally warmed up to 23 degrees and I wore my favourite sheer gray blouse for possibly the last time this year.

Of course my outfit wouldn't be complete without the mask to save me from influenza ;)

I like black suits!

Here's what I wore to work today (and more or less everyday). I personally love black suits with a light colored (or white base) shirt and tie combo. I've pretty much got the salaryman look down, but I choose my shirts very carefully -- must be double button collar, and sharp cuffs which in Japan comes beautifully in the form of Brick House brand y-shirts. A matching, yet contrasting tie is extremely important... Choose your colors wisely, gentlemen.

For the record, I've had this particular suit for years (and recently hemmed due to me being much fatter when I first bought the suit) so the center pleat is not really well defined anymore and the crotch is a little too roomy. I really want to pick up a few new suits, but I would need some money for that first! :(

Please excuse the goofy smile in the first picture... :P

the same outfit twice

This is a "typical" outfit. Like I pretty much wear some variation of this every day. Cardigan, skirt, tights, boots, jacket if it's cold. I can dress it up for work by wearing work-like shoes or a nicer jacket. BTW the jacket pictured is totally FREE Marc Jacobs that I found in the "free box" in college. Attending school with rich kids had its definite advantages.

October 17, 2009

Outfit post #3: work/going out

The outfits are what I wore on Friday, to work and later to go out. :D

First one: work outfit!
The day before I went to UNIQLO and the argyle sweaters were on sale so I got one in navy and one in black. I decided to wear the navy one on Friday to work. I love them both! They fit really well. So I wore that and black jeans that are kinda crumpled and wrinkly at the bottom because my legs aren't long.

Next: going out outfit!
I went out to eat Korean food with my friends, then headed off to the Osaka JET pub crawl on Friday night. That was ok I guess haha. After work, I changed into this F21 leopard print top, H&M vest, and another pair of black skinny pants. I love leopard print
And of course, ignore my retarded picture-taking face and poses please. Otherwise, have a nice weekend!

Fashion icons

Hello all, Alanna here. Do you have fashion icons? I don't think I have anything as depressingly "aspirational" as that. There are quite a few women whose style I admire, but more because I could never--or wouldn't ever want to--pull off what they do. So it's admiration from a considerable distance.

Above is Christina Hendricks, AKA Joan from Mad Men. She's so curvaceous that she's practically a cartoon character, but manages to avoid looking over-the-top or sleazy despite her considerable assets. Also, it's nice to see someone famous and desired who doesn't appear immediately at risk for growing that weird anorexia fur all over her body.

I also think Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is fucking awesome, because she dresses like a little kid with negligent parents. She also seems to embrace the fact that she has the potential to be sort of weird and even grotesque-looking at the same time as she is hot. When I saw her in concert she was like, spitting beer all over the stage and reveling in her grossness.

In reality I don't dress anything like either of these chicks; I'm probably closer to Tina Fey in style even though I don't particularly worship her or anything. I just think "sexy librarian" is a good thing for an enormous dork like myself to aim for.

October 16, 2009

A late first post

Name: Kawyn

Age: 24

Job: Secret genki gaijin

Fasion goal: I love anything cute but practical and often get inspirations from Japanese fashion magazines.

This weekend I'm going to a rock festival and this is what I'll be wearing to it.

What I wore to work today:

Busy week so far so more to come later!

October 15, 2009

Typhoon Fashion

This started as a joke, but after some thought I figured why the hell not?

Here is my idea of Typhoon fashion.

Sure, you could head outside into the wind and rain wearing one of those ridiculous plastic suits, or you could class yourself up a little bit with a sexy belted jacket.

Jackets like these are great for girls with more of a curvy figure. The belt accentuates your narrow waist in all the right places, making the rest of you look proportioned.

Every girl should own one, especially for Typhoon season!

These are two of my favourites, both bought from Jacob.

work outfit and glasses

I finally picked up my new glasses from Jin's after work today! I forgot how nice it is to be able to see stuff, and I love the frames to bits. Eventually I want a bunch more but I think it'd be smart to start slow instead of instantly collecting like 7 pairs of glasses as accessories.

The outfit is something I would normally wear to work. I'm not gonna lie - I'll probably sleep in this tonight and get up 5 minutes before I have to leave for work in the morning. I don't mind looking "bolder" than the other teachers. I guess this is visual proof that I love the look of a vest under a jacket.

I'd also like to get into wearing neckties but I think I've been doing it wrong. How do I make a shirt and tie look more "femme at work" than "Mindless Self Indulgence?"

October 14, 2009

Getting Colder

I just about froze to death today on my island, so I thought I'd make a post about what I wear when it gets cold. This is my patchwork cloak, by far the warmest thing in my wardrobe. It's also one of the more outrageous items, and I like that.

I honestly don't know why cloaks ever went out of style - they're cute and pretty much just like wearing a big fluffy blanket all day. This particular one is nice because not only is the outside fabric really warm, but it's got a layer of fleece sewn into the middle. It has hidden pockets, too, right at hand level, and they're perfect for sticking hand warmers in for really cold days.

The funny thing is, I've had multiple Japanese people tell me that this thing looks a lot like a kimono. I have no clue where they're getting it, but they seem to approve if only for that single fact.

Work Stuff

Here's what I wore to work today. I'm feeling pretty wiped out from the usual after school activities that ALTs sometimes get roped into so this is coming from Photo Booth. I feel like a sweater with horizontal stripes is a tad unprofessional, but I'm not a real teacher and should be more relatable to the kids anyway. I wore it with black dress pants from Uniqlo that you can't see.

October 13, 2009

Instead of going to the gym

So I tried to go to the gym but a nail punctured my scooter's tyre and so it died and I figured it was a sign from God to say that I should just go home and post on here instead. God also told me that Baskin Robin's Halloween ice-cream would take all my scooter induced stress away...

So, this is the dress that from ASOS.com. I heart tea dresses. I am also quite fond of those leggings too. They seem to make my legs look less fat. And they were from TutuAnna, which is quite possibly the best shop known to mankind.


Wearing a suit

This is how I normally dress for conferences, speech contests, opening day ceremony, etc.

I ABSOLUTELY abhor wearing a shirt or tie, so I like to wear dark button downs with my chest hair exposed like some Eurotrash Italo Disco singer. You can't really see it in this photo but oh well! I'm dead tired from being at a speech contest for the last 4 hours.

I think a lot of male ALT's really should start dressing more European; a lot of them look like oversized manchildren in their suits.

Work Clothes

My work clothes tend to be pretty simple. My black slacks are an absolute staple, and I just pair them with one top or another. On the rare occasion that I wake up with enough time to spend on really looking nice, I do my hair and a slight bit of makeup. My schools are really, really, really casual, so I'm usually one of the more dressed up people there, regardless of how much time I actually spend. Here's a sample of my basic work clothes (though for work, I wouldn't be wearing the necklace):

October 12, 2009

satanic panic

In various polls and surveys asking American men which look they find most attractive on women, "T-shirt and jeans" ranks high almost every time. Screw that. This is a rare occurrence, but I desperately wanted/needed to show off this shirt I got today at "Territory Satanism and Witchcraft" shop in Osaka. I absolutely love goats and sigils of Baphomet and all that goofy silly stuff that makes oversensitive right-wingers shudder and speak in tongues. Maybe it wasn't worth ¥3800 but who cares? Bonus: the shirt fits quite well.


As I said once before, I have a thing for corsets. I haven't worn them much in Japan (read: I've worn them twice, both times for Halloween parties last year), but I do have a Japan-inspired corset. The general area I live in used to be the stronghold of the Murakami pirate clan, and so I had my friend Stew Facile at Life Tree Leather make me a leather corset with a hand-painted map of my islands. It's even got little Murakami pirate ships sailing around on it! I've only been able to wear it out once, while I was actually back home over the summer, but it's by far my favorite item of clothing I own. Here it is!

Outfit post #2

Hello again~I'm bored on this Monday night, so time to post some outfits from the weekend! I actually didn't dress all punk/goth like usual...I felt like dressing a bit different this weekend.

The one to the left is from Sunday~went out for some yummy Italian in Umeda. Gray H&M dress that I got in Hong Kong (no way am I waiting in line for 2+ hours in Tokyo), UNIQLO "neo-leather" motorcycle jacket, flats, and those same tights/leggings things that I am really in love with because they (hopefully) make my Japanese legs look somewhat slimmer.
And below is what I wore today. Ignore the angry face please. I apparently like to concentrate really hard when taking pictures of myself. This is a more casual look. Lace tanktop, cardigan, plaid shorts, flats, and those same tights/leggings. I do wash those things btw!
Anyways, hopefully you enjoyed this random post. Hopefully more people post their weekend outfit posts!

October 10, 2009

Tapping Into My "British Chris" Side

Well, last night I was searching around Don Quixote, with nothing really in mind. Then something caught my eye: a hoodie that I normally wouldn't ever wear. But you know what. This Fresh Prince is in Japan and who gives a EFF right? So in this situation I said to myself "What Would British Chris Do?" First, he would say "THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!" Then he would try it on. So I did. Let's just say we fit better together than crumpets and tea. Anyway, the final product:

Merry Christmas to all you HO HO HOs!

Your Freshness,


October 09, 2009

Halloween costume

So, since it's almost Halloween, here's what I wore last year (just rediscovered these photos on Facebook.) I was Betty Draper from Mad Men. I couldn't quite pull off the soul-sucking housewife aura but the outfit was fun.

intro plus going out oufit!

NAME: Chise
AGE: 22
LOCATION: Osaka pref.
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles
JOB: ALT-ing for crazy high schoolers who can't speak English
CURRENT FASHION GOAL(S)/STATEMENT: japanese goth/punk styles!!! i love their brands <3

hi! that's me on the left(drinking, but hey). so i'm not on itil much (i'm punksakura, yeah you probably don't know me...i came to an o-rama earlier this year(?) in osaka), but i wanted to contribute since i'm bored all the time and this is a fun way to pass the time. i love fashion!

i pretty much wear only black....like 90% of my outfit is black everyday. i like a lot of japanese punk/gothic brands, so if anything is ever on sale i get really tempted since that stuff is super expensive normally.

anyways, a going out outfit! i don't have many full outfit shots so this one is the only one i have from these past couple weeks. this picture on the right is an outfit from about 3 weeks ago from when i went to hong kong and macao for silver week. this was sands or mgm or something....i don't remember. navy dress that's knitted(?) lace in the back and those tights/leggings that cut off at the foot. my first picture shows some of that lace stuff.


AGE: 22
LOCATION: A microscopic island in the middle of the inland sea
HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas, USA
JOB: Professional Gaijin Monkey
CURRENT FASHION GOAL(S)/STATEMENT: For regular days, I like to work with things that are easy to put on, easy to wear, and easy to wash. I'm a potter when I'm not at work, which means that 99% of my stuff is caked in clay. When I get dressed up, I definitely tend to have a sort of renaissance and/or geek flair to my clothes. I <3 corsets and duct tape.
WEBSITE: http://japaneseboonies.livejournal.com

October 08, 2009

Going out, did I hear?

Well why don't I just dawn my going out outfit... oh where is it....

Oh! Here it is!

when i go out, i go out

I bought this at INGNI, the gyaru store, specifically to wear to Calvin Harris. I really wish it were '80s Madonna's face instead of Marilyn Monroe but they were fresh out of those (i.e. never had any to begin with).

Going Out

Going Out

Looking good when you go out is pretty damn important.
There isn't much else to say about this. This is what I normally wear when going out for the night, it's simple but stylish. The black shirt is great but it must be IRONED. An un-ironed shirt is not worth wearing, it's just a fact.

Normally I'll wear a pair of jeans rather than trousers of some kind as this works well with the shirt (hell they go with anything)

Oh and the hair is important too, but mine is shit today as I was working and it was raining this morning.

A going out outfit - Lydia

Skinny jeans, heels, top and accessory of some sort is pretty much my basic fall back going out outfit.

oh and it didn't take me 5 or 6 goes to get a shot that i was even 50% happy with, oh no ;)

Charlotte- Gossip Girl chic

This is the Miss Selfridge skirt that I was rocking yesterday. I guess I was watching too much Gossip Girl the night before.... I've joined a gym now too so hopefully I'll be skinny enough to wear more funky things soon...

Also, this is the necklace from Accessorize that always gets compliments. Japanese people just can't understand how something so pretty and Japanese themed can be from Britain...