October 17, 2009

Fashion icons

Hello all, Alanna here. Do you have fashion icons? I don't think I have anything as depressingly "aspirational" as that. There are quite a few women whose style I admire, but more because I could never--or wouldn't ever want to--pull off what they do. So it's admiration from a considerable distance.

Above is Christina Hendricks, AKA Joan from Mad Men. She's so curvaceous that she's practically a cartoon character, but manages to avoid looking over-the-top or sleazy despite her considerable assets. Also, it's nice to see someone famous and desired who doesn't appear immediately at risk for growing that weird anorexia fur all over her body.

I also think Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is fucking awesome, because she dresses like a little kid with negligent parents. She also seems to embrace the fact that she has the potential to be sort of weird and even grotesque-looking at the same time as she is hot. When I saw her in concert she was like, spitting beer all over the stage and reveling in her grossness.

In reality I don't dress anything like either of these chicks; I'm probably closer to Tina Fey in style even though I don't particularly worship her or anything. I just think "sexy librarian" is a good thing for an enormous dork like myself to aim for.


  1. I have only met you a total of one time but you were totally rocking the sexy librarian thing.

  2. Thanks, I'm glad to know it's working!

  3. Hell yeah Karen O is so hot.