October 16, 2009

A late first post

Name: Kawyn

Age: 24

Job: Secret genki gaijin

Fasion goal: I love anything cute but practical and often get inspirations from Japanese fashion magazines.

This weekend I'm going to a rock festival and this is what I'll be wearing to it.

What I wore to work today:

Busy week so far so more to come later!


  1. very very cute. you look like a tiny hong kong girl

  2. ahem... I mean I really like your style.

  3. I heart the last outfit the best!

  4. i like the 2nd picture best. first outfit without the hat. it's cute, and i want your figure!! T_T

  5. Thanks guys! :)
    Krampus: Not exactly tiny but I do have Hong Kong genes ;)

    Big Baboon: Thanks! Where's your post? :)

    アリス中毒: I think you look pretty hot with your short hair :D

    Charlotte: I luuuuuurrve Gossip Girl too!

    Kawaii: Thanks but I'm pretty short and stumpy in real life. The hat became necessary because it was sooooooooo cold :(

  6. I think the tuque in the first pic is super cute. I think it goes well with the plaid jacket and long boots!

  7. Oww thanks Benny Boi! The plaid jacket is actually a xs men's shirt from uniqlo! :P

    I forgot something important Kawaii- I WANT YOU BOOBS!!! T-T