June 16, 2012


I've been trying to grow my hair out for the past 2 years.  Now I'm just at my boobs but I wanna get to my waist if I can.  My biggest problem is finding new and exciting shit to do with my hair.  I browse a lot of channels on YouTube, check sites like beautylish and whatnot but I'm pretty dum (can watch some of those vids 10 times and still not get it).  So I only go for the easy stuff!

So today's adventure was to tackle the sock bun.  Not new or anything but it kinda blew my mind as its a super easy to get fake-volume!  All you need is a sock!

Wendy is kind of annoying but it's easy to follow.

I was actually able to get it the first time around, not perfect but I think it's a success!

And a picture from the side (of me trying not to sneeze)

Maybe someone else will learn something new today.

June 14, 2012


Dress: Rampage from Macy's Shoes: Payless Kids Watch: I can't remember

April 19, 2011

butch as fuck

T-shirt: thrifted (World Used Market)
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Boots: YouMe Town
Aviators: Found on a train (WIN)
Hammer: Daiso
Krampus beer bottle: A good friend

March 21, 2011

black black black

top: Zara
skirt: Tutuanna
tights: Tutuanna
shoes: We Go

I like this shirt.

Shirt- Zara
Belt- Forever 21
Black jeggings - Uniqlo
Cardy- River Island

That is all.

March 07, 2011

Shimamura hauls

Creepy Michael Jackson dancer. He's about 75-80 years old and actually a very bad dancer.

Cardigan: ¥1470

Scarf: ¥500

Fake leather jacket: ¥1870

Insanely jacked linebacker legs: too precious to name a price

sunglasses and boots and a winter coat

The boots were a huge steal at Asbee -- just 1000en (~$10). The sunglasses are Guess ($15 thrift) and the coat is BCBGMAXAZRIA ($50 sale).

February 17, 2011

Spring - Winter

It's been a crazy 2 weeks.. it looked as though Spring was upon us and them BOOM! it was winter wonderland.

Here's two cute outfits.. one for the Spring part of last week and one for the BOOM! Winter part.

This dress was a tricky one.. I bought it from ASOS.com over the winter holidays because they had free delivery (woo!) but when it got here it was really hard to work. I think you have to be super skinny or super pretty to work the dress just as it is, but as I am neither of those things, I added a white lace print t-shirt underneath, and of course my favourite belt.

The next is not as chic I'm afraid, but it was cute and - more importantly- warm.

I bought the skirt for a bargainous (yes, it's a word..) ¥990 at Uniqlo. The sweater was less thrifty at ¥4000, but it's really versatile and very warm.

I'm really loving the kind of Nordic look with big moose prints and thick woolen tights this season. It'll almost be a shame when we have to start wearing warmer stuff haha.. ;-)

February 15, 2011

red tights

February 02, 2011

hello yellow

I am totally infatuated with this dumb sweater. I got it on sale at Zara. It's super thick, adds at least ten pounds, and somehow manages to keep cold air out. I love the elbow patches - they somehow give it so much personality.

The boots are new too. ¥1000 on sale at Asbee. Now's the time to go chasing some last minute purchases; the markdowns are epic.

These are a few of my favourtie things...

So here's an outfit from a day when I cared about what I wore haha. That day I was to teach a few classes alone so I wanted to be a little more formal than normal.

Enter my new gray Uniqlo jacket. Bought on a trip to Nagoya for only ¥1500, it's the perfect thing to turn an otherwise cutesy outfit into a "roar I mean business!!!" outfit. Kinda...

The blouse is from home, and the culottes are from the local shopping center here. It was one of those things that I saw in my size so automatically had to buy them haha.

Since there is an accessories theme right now, I thought I'd chip in with some of my favourites. I get most of mine from Forever21.co.jp - the elephant (my recent favourtie), the pink flowered one on the right and the giraffe are all from there. I love animal themed jewelry.. can you tell? The red beaded one at the top is from Accessorize in Harajuku (a British brand- used to be sold online here but they took the shop down), and the purple and green flowered one was a gift for my birthday from my mum.

Not the best picture in the world... the lighting in my room isn't great haha...

A reason why I hate winters...

Okay so apart from the obvious reasons like it's cold and gets darker earlier.
No I am talking about the fact that it makes my nails get brittle and prone to chips/breaking off.

This summer I really got into nail art, I'd paint my nails every week and do a cool pattern on them. I started to purposely grow my nails out just for this, and after about 2 months or so I had lovely long nails.

This picture was taken just after I went back to uni, when the nails on my other hand started to break and I realised I wouldn't have long nails for much longer. They're probably a bit longer than i'd like to keep them but I think I was just happy they were growing so much. And just to add, I don't do fake nails. So this is how they are now, after a few months of cold weather.

Totally lame.

February 01, 2011

New Hair!

Decided on a change from my short layered bob and got myself some length.
I was aiming for some sort of sultry look, but that turned out more moody than anything else. My Caruso hair rollers arrived today, so i'll be throwing some curls and waves into it and see how it goes!

January 25, 2011

Fitting Room Photos: Crummy Interview

Due to the lack of a decent full length mirror, I had to resort to using the DP fitting room (better than the Office toilets) I had an interview at CĂ©line today but after asking the interviewer for more info on the role I'm pretty sure I dont want it. Shame really, as the interview seemed to go well... meh.

 My blouse is from TM lewin, it has ALOT going on... but I like it.
 My shoes that allow me to run for trains with ease. they're from Risky, only 3 quid, so the crooked bows don't phase me.
 These are the boots I wore from station to interview and back again. My tights are from La Perla and the skirt is some stretchy thing I bought in C&A many, many moons ago. I think it was originally my school skirt...
So now I'm sitting and hoping my outfit scared them off so they wont call me.

January 24, 2011

The warmest winter jacket and other hauls

This was on sale at Wohl's discount-designer-warehouse store in a mall at Potsdamer Platz for €69,95 and I just had to. It is easily the warmest winter jacket I've ever owned, damned impenetrable to chilly winds. The skirt (H&M), striped gloves (H&M) and black boots (Jusco) are fairly new too, though all have already been worn to "well-loved" :)