February 17, 2011

Spring - Winter

It's been a crazy 2 weeks.. it looked as though Spring was upon us and them BOOM! it was winter wonderland.

Here's two cute outfits.. one for the Spring part of last week and one for the BOOM! Winter part.

This dress was a tricky one.. I bought it from ASOS.com over the winter holidays because they had free delivery (woo!) but when it got here it was really hard to work. I think you have to be super skinny or super pretty to work the dress just as it is, but as I am neither of those things, I added a white lace print t-shirt underneath, and of course my favourite belt.

The next is not as chic I'm afraid, but it was cute and - more importantly- warm.

I bought the skirt for a bargainous (yes, it's a word..) ¥990 at Uniqlo. The sweater was less thrifty at ¥4000, but it's really versatile and very warm.

I'm really loving the kind of Nordic look with big moose prints and thick woolen tights this season. It'll almost be a shame when we have to start wearing warmer stuff haha.. ;-)

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