February 02, 2011

A reason why I hate winters...

Okay so apart from the obvious reasons like it's cold and gets darker earlier.
No I am talking about the fact that it makes my nails get brittle and prone to chips/breaking off.

This summer I really got into nail art, I'd paint my nails every week and do a cool pattern on them. I started to purposely grow my nails out just for this, and after about 2 months or so I had lovely long nails.

This picture was taken just after I went back to uni, when the nails on my other hand started to break and I realised I wouldn't have long nails for much longer. They're probably a bit longer than i'd like to keep them but I think I was just happy they were growing so much. And just to add, I don't do fake nails. So this is how they are now, after a few months of cold weather.

Totally lame.

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