December 27, 2009

Concert Goods

Mini dress I bought at the GLAY concert in November. In case you can't tell, it's a skull-apple that is being bitten down across the front. The sleeves are too short, but I get the feeling they're kind of supposed to be.

(P.S. Please ignore my laundry hanging outside. :P)


Posting from Summerland! <3

I have escaped Wintery Japan for the time being and headed south for home =]

So for you folks still in Winter wonderland here are some Summer dresses to freshen things up!

Here are the dresses I bought at the Boxing Day Sales <3 dress
Dress 1) Red Floral Dress <3

Dress 2 and 3) Casual Summer Tank Dress in a lace pattern and leopard print. They were a bargain at $20 for two dresses. Very comfy and casual, ideal for a lazy Summer day of catching up and ice coffee.

Dress 4) Little Black Dress with Zip. I've always wanted to try the zipper look but have found most zipper items to be uncomfortable to wear and some what trashy and provocative but this one- I love it!

The zip doesn't go all the way down so there is no fear that someone could completely unzip my dress and result in it flapping around like a coat (but I guess any sort of unzipping won't look good here either! :) I have red peep toe heels on in this picture.

This shall be my New Years Eve dress to welcome the fab year of 2010!
(unless I find something better! :P )

Kawyn =)

December 21, 2009


I want a pair like these. Y/N?

December 19, 2009

everyday fashion

This is kind of a throw away post, I'm mostly just trying to find a good place in my room to set up my camera. This is an example of my average outfit. The striped shirt is one of 3 I got at Costco, and I wear them all the time because they have longer than average sleeves. <3 The skirt is one of those Uniqlo ones you can wear either as a skirt or a dress, this is my first time wearing it as a skirt. I think I lose a little fashion sense when the weather gets cold because all I care about is keeping warm...


My recent go-to fashion

I call it "shirts under stuff". So I have a nice Uniqlo t-shirt with a pink rocking horse on the front. It's good but a bit ... meh. So how do I make it better? Shove a shirt under it! Pair with some shirt shorts and high heels (not in picture..) and hey presto.

When I'm in Korea I'll take loads of pictures of my new hair extensions for the next post!

December 12, 2009

tit curtains

Top and necklace were a birthday present from my friend's mom.

I am generally not "for" tit curtains but I think this top is acceptable belted, as it goes off the shoulder and contains copious amounts of black lace. I love the necklace too - jewelry is one of those things I never treat myself to, so I'm always happy to receive it as a gift.

December 07, 2009

Kawyn's new coat <3 (and ugly chunky knit dress I can't stop wearing)

I bought ANOTHER new coat recently and I'm in luuuuuurve with it!

I've always wanted a short paddington coat (just like Paddington bear!). As I've mentioned previously, I tend to stay away from too much black and recently I've been loving anything thats navy to replace black basics. I've been raving about it nonstop on itil <333333
I think it goes with almost everything I own for work. Its quite thin so it needs a lot of layering as it gets colder.

Here is the ugly chunky knit dress I always wear and complain about (But I can't seem to stop wearing??). It makes me look and feel like a short stumpy barrel while anything I wear underneath must be smoothed out or I'd look lumpy on top of stumpy.

And here is my white beret from my white tights outfit =]
It has a detatchable furry pompom as you can see me holding up in the picture.

December 05, 2009

Teacher Chic

This is my new favourite outfit. The dress is just from Jusco, the shirt from F&F at Tescos. But I think it's a good ensemble....

Maybe it makes me look like a really, fearsome teacher....?

"Stop sleeping in my class!!!"

December 02, 2009

a favorite outfit | some vampy new shoes

This is an old standby. Purple dress from Forever 21, black houndstooth tights, black teardrop necklace from my mom, a strange facial expression, a Parliament, and a pair of stilettos I picked up in Kumamoto a couple weekends ago for really cheap.

December 01, 2009

Kawyn's white tights- Hit or Miss?

Tights can do lovely things for your legs- they keep your legs warm while you give dresses and skirts extra fashion milage, can bring out different personalities and they can be very slimming especially when they are in dark colours.

I took a gigantic fashion leap and jumped into the deep end of white tights when I saw them for on sale for 30yen!

I listened to the fashion advice of some ITILers and I managed to put together this look:

I wore the outfit with some cream coloured flat short boots so you can't see my ugly toes! :P

I bought the beret after receiving suggestions from our very own Langus and Miss I :)

So was it a hit or a miss? Did I pull this look off okay?

I had my doubts whether this outfit would work but I got a boost of confidence when I walked out of school today with my boots and beret a group of girls screamed shrilly "KAWAIIIIIIII!!!" then some Japanese jibbrish while following me to my car then waving goodbye. :)
My kids are so cute.

For BennyBoi's sake I should say that I am actually slightly pigeon toed in real life :(