December 01, 2009

Kawyn's white tights- Hit or Miss?

Tights can do lovely things for your legs- they keep your legs warm while you give dresses and skirts extra fashion milage, can bring out different personalities and they can be very slimming especially when they are in dark colours.

I took a gigantic fashion leap and jumped into the deep end of white tights when I saw them for on sale for 30yen!

I listened to the fashion advice of some ITILers and I managed to put together this look:

I wore the outfit with some cream coloured flat short boots so you can't see my ugly toes! :P

I bought the beret after receiving suggestions from our very own Langus and Miss I :)

So was it a hit or a miss? Did I pull this look off okay?

I had my doubts whether this outfit would work but I got a boost of confidence when I walked out of school today with my boots and beret a group of girls screamed shrilly "KAWAIIIIIIII!!!" then some Japanese jibbrish while following me to my car then waving goodbye. :)
My kids are so cute.

For BennyBoi's sake I should say that I am actually slightly pigeon toed in real life :(


  1. Definitely good. :) This outfit is very very cute.

  2. The outfit looks nice, but I like it better with the cardigan (?) on. Girls with a slight pigeon toe are cute, so it's all good ;)

  3. The beret is mega cute. Next time I would maybe wear a colour for the top instead of white or cream just to really make the white pop. Do you have a picture of the shoes? I'd love to see it all put together. It looks super cute though :)

  4. wow this is a really cute outfit!
    I wonder if a belt would work with it, too?