December 21, 2009


I want a pair like these. Y/N?


  1. They look pretty good in this pic. I like thick rimmed glasses (that's what my glasses are) and especially ones that are largish but still square. I find with mine that the top of the frame kind of cuts off my eyes a little, which makes them look smaller, so maybe be careful of that. Otherwise, I say go for it!

    This reminds me, does our insurance cover glasses? I thought I remembered you saying it did, but then some teachers I've asked at my school said it didn't...


  2. I think Zara is right about how it could make your eyes look smaller. I also suspect that It would be quite irretating because it digs into your cheeks.

    On a side off topic, I read from a magazine that glass-less glasses are going to be quite popular in 2010 =]


  3. To my knowledge it does. I paid 5900 for exam, prescription lenses, and frames - and 5900 was the given price of the frames. ;)

    When I get back I think I'm gonna do it and risk looking like Gezora's shitty twin.