November 27, 2009

My Fashion Hero

Ok, today I'm going to talk about Gok Wan.

He's a lovely chappy who's on British tv. He used to be fat when he was a kid, and now he has shows on tv showing fat and ugly women how to look good in clothes that suit their size and shape.

By the way, he always calls boobs "bangers". It's Gok-talk.

This one is a little silly, but let's go with it.

One last one, even if it is a bit old

November 24, 2009

what's your uniform?

"uniform" in this case means "that outfit you always end up wearing when you don't know what to wear."

this is my magic dress. picked it up at H&M this summer. in this case, I wore it out in Nara to get raped by deer. it goes with everything. for fall: my terrorist scarf, fishnet tights, and big boots.

November 23, 2009

favorite boutique

Maison Gilfy does everything right.

I've only been to one location - Parco in Kumamoto Shimotori - but everything is perfect. How to describe their stuff - maybe the perfect fusion of ギャル and "badass."

I'm mainly a big fan for the shoes/boots and consistent supply of studded leather bags.

The music choice is flawless too.

My Fave Shop

Why am I the only one writing on here??!! Come on people!! Let's educate the world about the fashion of ALTs!

This is my fave shop. It's quite a large second hand shop that has some really awesome items. The thing that surprised me most was that their designer goods are reasonably priced (shame I'm not into them though).

My shopping outfit. Shopping chic! (I loved the lamp on the left there, but it was 8000yen!)

I also loved these shoes.. but they were too small!! These are very me though.

I think Cruella Deville has been donating here!!

Anyway, that's my favourite shop! What's yours?

November 13, 2009

Shlompy Style

Today I couldn't be arsed, and I know that this dress gets good reception so I went for it. It's all t-shirt cotton material so it's soft and warm. The cardigan makes it a little less stylish and makes me look bigger than I am (espec from the side) but I don't really care that much haha.

November 11, 2009


I haven't posted in a while so yay!
None of these are on theme but anyways~

On the left: I dressed up the other day to go out and wore my new boots! I'm wearing a shirt that was from some cheap gyaru shop in Namba, pinstriped shorts, tights, and my new engineer boots. The boots were on sale for 3000 yen and they aren't too cheap-looking like the other ones I've seen. The shop had LL size and although L size fit, LL was more comfortable and the shop lady gave me some insoles to make them fit better. :D

I feel weird bringing back up the thread, so I'm posting the boots here. Zara, these are the Demonia boots. They're size 24.5 but they fit my feet, which made me happy. They're pretty comfortable because they're wide and have a platform thing. The studded straps snap together on both sides.

Don't have any "trolling for ass on the weekend" outfits now, but maybe I'll try that out later if I'm not lazy.

November 09, 2009

Theme: Trolling for ass on the weekend wear

I never really trolled for ass (I'm assuming thats American lingo for picking up?) because I've always been too lazy to go out clubbing or anything. But when I do go clubbing, the highlight of my night would probably be dressing up for it and once I'm dressed I can't be assed going out :P
When I go to pubs and stuff with girlfriends back at home I would usually wear a fitting little black dress (which I didn't bring here).
I didn't bring most of my nice dresses here as they would probably be too reveling for Japanese standards so this little number with sleaves is the only LBD I brought over with me.
A bit shapeless? Yes, but it is great for going out and eating and drinking beer and eating and drinking beer because the tummy is invisible :)
This second outfit is also a shapeless sack but I tried it with a belt! Unlike most of the contributors here, I actually prefer wearing lighter colours and tend to avoid too much black.
These boots are my new "stylish" rainboots from ABC mart. I'm kinda running out of shoes I can wear inside so don't mind it if it doesn't exactly go with the dress!
Of course I have included a photo with my fluffy rabbit scarf :)
Here I tied in a loose knot.
Don't know how much ass I could get with these assembles but hot asses would be attracted to a confident person and I'm the most confident in something pretty, comfortable and can hide my flaws :)


Name: Zara

Age: 24

Location: Hyogo

Occupation: ALT/Dead-ended actor

I've been all over the style map. Currently I'm into a soft, feminine look, but I also like rock/punk, goth, retro punk and retro glamour styles. I can appreciate almost any style as long as it's pulled off with the right attitude!

theme: trolling for ass on a weekend

I haven't trolled for ass in years as I've learned the value of being in a stable relationship versus playing Russian Roulette with genital herpes, but it's still fun to play dressup.

You have to cater to your targets. The first outfit is obviously catered to an audience who appreciates Doc Martens and vaguely gothy things. I'd wear that to a goth club or Wacken. The dress was purchased last winter in Amsterdam at a street market.

The second is more all-encompassing. When trolling for ass it's important not to look like someone whose pimp gets a share of the ass which is trolled. Skimpy shirt + skimpy bottom is never classy. The top is just a t-shirt from H&M and the skirt was bought at an airport somewhere.


I bought a new jacket the other day, I felt I needed something a bit smarter than the big winter coat I have at the minute.

Plus I thought it looked good on me. I look pale as anything, blame the iPhone's camera.
Also check out my fucking cool sunglasses.

I took this on the train when I was bored the other day, in my opinion taking photos of oneself on the train is the HEIGHT of narcassism but hell, its awesome


A week late but I don't care.

Lazy post

Really, I just like this picture.

I wore that a couple weekends ago to go to an aquarium and sit around being hung over and then take a shinkansen home. It's a shirt, not a dress, but that's okay. I wore it with my fake Docs. It was a pretty kickass outfit. The captain liked it.

November 08, 2009

My fashion of recent days

First of all, the pressing matter of how to wear scarves that are made of baby rabbits. This is how I wore mine this week; it was really cold so I had it on tighter than I usually do, but normally I fling it about my neck with that jacket and it looks nice.

Winter defense: I have new slippers. I think they are the bee's knees.

It's a bit dark so my apologies, but this is my current fave outfit. The kids say I look pretty in it too.. It's not as flattering as it could be though.. the elastic in the top of the skirt is all twisted and I can't seem to get it straight.

November 04, 2009

This is how I wear my scarf

This is a bit of back track to cold weather/ going out wear and a tribute to Charlotte/ Miss_Igirisu- my baby rabbit scarf buddy.

This post is about my fluffy gray scarf.

I usually like to wear it when I'm in casual stuff like a tee and jeans tucked into boots.
This is my favorite tee at the moment ;)
I bought it in Hong Kong when I went over silver week. I got it at Giordano which is like the Uniqlo of Hong Kong and it was a charity tee for betterment of animal welfare. In this picture, I wore it over many many layers of thermals and a stripey 3/4 sleave tee to keep my cozy.
Anyway back to the scarf, some girls make a loop through and it does look like you don't have a neck but it could work in some elegant Japanese office lady fashion like with a sweater dress or something. :)

November 03, 2009

post zombification

because the picture below is only half the fun!

November 02, 2009


I went as an Islamic terrorist. Kudos to Mikewise's SLR for these photos.

New hair - Lydia

Ok so not exactly fashion but it's as good as i get at the moment and i unfortunately didn't get a shot of my going out outfit from the other night which includes some very cute leopard print heels which are now in the forgotten rucksack currently sitting in Shin-Osaka station.

However in this picture i am modelling my new YSL sweat rag ... yes, i truly do live the glamourous life, and a bargain at 1050 yen!

Ho hum ... here's the picture .... this is a very windswept and in desperate need of restraightening etc but you get the idea - reblonded and and long fringe cut in ... if anyone's in Tokyo and wants a haircut i really recommend the salon - Watanabe's in Harajuku: (I'm on the right)

Theme: Halloween

Coming from Australia, we never celebrate Halloween so this is my virgin Halloween experience!
Initially I wanted to dress up as Hello Kitty slippers wearing Trashy Inaka Yumi but then I realised I would look so the part that no one would know I was in a costume.

After some careful thinking and planning this is what I came up with:

Behold! Kawyn is Wednesday Addams!
I bought the doll from the 100yen shop and drew scars all over her body and blacked out her eye to make it scarier.
The noose around her neck was very handy as she became a cool accessory I twirled and swang at people on the dancefloor. I was so trashed at the party I lost my Marie Antoinette numerous times but she always found her way back to me :)
I'm naturally pretty pale so all I needed was a bit of foundation, plenty of eye liner and a death like expression to look the part.
Too bad most Japanese people had no idea who the Addams were. Most of them thought I was an angry goth kid.