January 28, 2010

fashion icon?

For my first post, I'll talk about my fashion heroes- Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot. Yes, Bardot is a crazy racist and they both are getting old. But, I love their style from the 1960's.
Here are some of my favorite looks:
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I love clothes with flirty and feminine details without being too "girly." Deneuve and Bardot managed to do very feminine and sexy looks, but still looked sophisticated. While I could never be as sexy or gorgeous as they were in the 60's, I find their style very inspirational.

January 27, 2010


Don't mind my blurry face, weird pose and messy house.

Picked this up at Pinky & Dianne today; it was on sale for about ¥3600. I need more NSFW clothes like these I've decided.

January 20, 2010

Dead and Gone.

Two weeks back at home constantly being under the Aussie sun really damaged my hair.

I came back to Japan with a good bottom half of my hair DEAD. :(

It was sooooo terrible I told the hairdresser I want all the dead bits OFF and GONE.

And my long long past boob length hair has now been reduced to this:

It is a bit too cold to have it this short in my opinion but atleast it will be less of a pain to deal with when I go snow boarding. =]

January 11, 2010

she bangs she bangs

Just cut bangs. Wasn't thinking about the Buddy Holly glasses I ordered.

We may have a fatal clash of interests. Will update.

Shopping in Nagoya

So I went shopping in Nagoya today and wore the following:

The jacket is from Jacob. Scarf and headband are both from Loft. Earrings are from a kiosk in Kyoto. Necklace is from a kiosk in Unimall, Nagoya.

The necklace is actually a pocket watch, which I thought was pretty cool. You can't see it clearly from the picture but it has little inlaid crystal accents.

January 10, 2010

Shinnenkai outfit w/ new dress and boots!

I went to a shinnenkai on Saturday night (non-school related) so I dressed up in new clothes! I wore fake lashes and felt very glammed/Japanese-gothed(?) out haha.

First, pictures of the new dress and boots:
The dress has this interesting cut so it's pretty flowy. Its name was actually "ghost-cut one-piece." I just fell in love after seeing it and had to buy it! The boots I just got on Friday night when I was out drinking. They look kinda gray in this photo but they're actually a dark black. The studded belt is actually removable so I can put them on other boots if I want! 3900 yen yay!

And now the outfit:
Kinda blurry but mirror shots never turn out well anyway. With the new dress and boots, I'm also wearing a ZARA coat, striped tights, and a purse I got for about 10 bucks in Korea.

Also, kinda late, but Happy New Year!!!

January 09, 2010

new watch

i got one. and contacts.

Apologies for the out of focus shot.

January 03, 2010

winter vacation post

Daiso #11 eyelashes for New Years Eve. Party time.

What I wore to see some local bands. I've had that stupid miniskirt since high school.

And of course what you really wanted to see - the pink cape from my aunt. Regrettably, I had no room in my luggage to bring it back, so it will live at my parents' house for the time being.

Right now it's 8:05 am and I'm sitting at my home airport waiting to start the journey home. I'm wearing that black dress I always wear. It really is a uniform.

January 02, 2010

WAA WAA WAA Uniqlo is shit!

This goes out to all the haters. This outfit is 99% Uniqlo!

Tights, skirt, t-shirt, pink undershirt; Uniqlo (the pink undershirt is heat tech so double points!)

Since the outfit is plain, it gives you a good chance to go to town on the accessories and hair. Big curls, cute hat, necklace, jacket... and pink slippers. It's all good.

When I can be bothered I will post another Uniqlo haters post. Show y'all how it's done.

Peace out.