January 11, 2010

Shopping in Nagoya

So I went shopping in Nagoya today and wore the following:

The jacket is from Jacob. Scarf and headband are both from Loft. Earrings are from a kiosk in Kyoto. Necklace is from a kiosk in Unimall, Nagoya.

The necklace is actually a pocket watch, which I thought was pretty cool. You can't see it clearly from the picture but it has little inlaid crystal accents.


  1. omg i love the necklace/pocket watch!
    pocket watches are awesome <3

  2. yeah that is a pretty badass watch/necklace. it would be cute anyway if it were just a normal locket but being a watch makes it that much more awesome.

  3. the pocket watch necklace is really really cute!!! I've always wanted something like that but never found anything thats exactly how I want it to be!