January 10, 2010

Shinnenkai outfit w/ new dress and boots!

I went to a shinnenkai on Saturday night (non-school related) so I dressed up in new clothes! I wore fake lashes and felt very glammed/Japanese-gothed(?) out haha.

First, pictures of the new dress and boots:
The dress has this interesting cut so it's pretty flowy. Its name was actually "ghost-cut one-piece." I just fell in love after seeing it and had to buy it! The boots I just got on Friday night when I was out drinking. They look kinda gray in this photo but they're actually a dark black. The studded belt is actually removable so I can put them on other boots if I want! 3900 yen yay!

And now the outfit:
Kinda blurry but mirror shots never turn out well anyway. With the new dress and boots, I'm also wearing a ZARA coat, striped tights, and a purse I got for about 10 bucks in Korea.

Also, kinda late, but Happy New Year!!!


  1. love it all. you're like my twin who can dress herself!

  2. I love those shoes! Where'd you get them?

  3. >Kat

    they were from some random shoe store in between Nipponbashi and Namba