January 25, 2011

Fitting Room Photos: Crummy Interview

Due to the lack of a decent full length mirror, I had to resort to using the DP fitting room (better than the Office toilets) I had an interview at CĂ©line today but after asking the interviewer for more info on the role I'm pretty sure I dont want it. Shame really, as the interview seemed to go well... meh.

 My blouse is from TM lewin, it has ALOT going on... but I like it.
 My shoes that allow me to run for trains with ease. they're from Risky, only 3 quid, so the crooked bows don't phase me.
 These are the boots I wore from station to interview and back again. My tights are from La Perla and the skirt is some stretchy thing I bought in C&A many, many moons ago. I think it was originally my school skirt...
So now I'm sitting and hoping my outfit scared them off so they wont call me.

January 24, 2011

The warmest winter jacket and other hauls

This was on sale at Wohl's discount-designer-warehouse store in a mall at Potsdamer Platz for €69,95 and I just had to. It is easily the warmest winter jacket I've ever owned, damned impenetrable to chilly winds. The skirt (H&M), striped gloves (H&M) and black boots (Jusco) are fairly new too, though all have already been worn to "well-loved" :)

January 23, 2011

My lovely new belt

I just want to share my love for my new belt. It was in the sale in Zara for ¥3000 and is made of dead animals, but is so soft and enhances so make of my current outfits! I have to be careful not to wear it every day though...

January 13, 2011