May 31, 2010

Semi-hit, almost a near-miss.

I'm not good at this style thing (fashion is for girls, style is for guys), so I'll occasionally throw up something for everyone to judge harshly so I can learn more.

I'm very much a tshirt and jeans kinda person, but I'm also somewhat more 'chunky' than I probably should be to make jeans & tshirts panties-removingly sexy, so I'm attempting to resolve that and actually think about what I wear.

I can promise that the thinking won't always work - if at all.


I had to go to a large work function, so I decided I wanted a jacket, but didn't want a button up short because they make me look old. That also ruled out a tie.

Bright tshirts would look tacky, so I decided to find something in muted, darker colours. You can't really see it, but that t-shirt has a Neon Genesis Evangelion print thing on it. It's black print on a purply-grey, so it suited.

Also got some new jeans which are special because they're the first 38's I've fitted (just) in since just after high school. Amazing. Shoes were just a pair of black leather lace-ups, woo.

It's amazing the extra confidence a pair of tighter-yet-not-so-tight-that-my-keys-draw-blood jeans can give you. Or give me. Either one.

The problem I see with what I wore is that I need to get the jacket tailored. I bought it as part of a suit, back when I was at least 15kg heavier. I've also discovered that everyone should get their suit adjusted as soon as they buy it because off-the-rack almost always never fit correctly, so yeah. Interesting to note.

On a typical day

My name is Danica and I'll be coming to Japan in less than a month now to start working for ECC. I was with JET for a very short time period, but even then, I got a taste of the Japan life. Now I'm back for more. 
This is a very typical outfit for me. Jeans and a tee. But, I know in the coming months, these clothes will be replaced with my oh-so-awesome work clothes. sigh. 
Thanks to Krampus, I can hopefully start contributing to this site.

I ain't Nobody's fool.

On the lighter side of things, I love vintage clothing. Especially vintage dresses. Here's my favorite dress that I usually wear to formal occasions. It's a 70's sheer split sleeve dress.

I don't have any weird philosophies about what women should wear or how to wear things. I think you should wear what makes you comfortable and what you feel best fits your personality. I, for one, don't have legs to parade around in short skirts and shorts. You may be blinded by the reflection of the sun off these stumps of legs. So, you can count I'm usually in something below the knee. I'm also allergic to pastel. Anything lime green and vomit orange should be burned. I guess those are philosophies aren't they? 

May 30, 2010

maxi dresses

I gave in. ¥1000 at a cheap store. Like it so much I think I'll wear it to my violin recital thing on Saturday.

May 23, 2010


School Events

I haven't updated in a while, even though I took pictures of outfits I liked. :( Oh wells, I'm back! So these 2 pictures are from 2 consecutive days of school events. I decided to start wearing colors I normally don't wear.

Sorry, my mirror is really dirty. So this is my new H&M red x white striped ruffly blouse that I wore on Friday. That day was the Kansougeikai(welcome/farewell party) for our school so I dressed up in this blouse, black cardigan, black pants, and black flats. I really love this blouse! It fits really nicely and stretches under the boob-part so it's really comfortable. Got lots of compliments from teachers yay.

The day after the Kansougeikai (which was super fun) there was a field trip organized by one of the Social Studies teachers for the teachers to go explore the Fushimi area of Kyoto. A couple older teachers and some new young teachers at our school gathered for this event. The area is famous for Sakamoto Ryoma and sake. We visited some historical places (such as Terada-ya) and a couple sake breweries and spent the whole day drunk. :) So while we were waiting at the station for more teachers to arrive, the science teacher took a outfit snap of me. I was in the middle of reading a book so I didn't even notice he took it lol. Anyways, the outfit. SDL(Sexy Dynamite London) black t-shirt that says something like "Search and Destroy" on the back with skulls on the front, Peace Now black cardigan with an adjustable hem length, Uniqlo green x navy plaid skirt, trenka(?) black tights, black flats, Comme Ca sunglasses, and a $10purse I got in Korea.

And that's all. I want to see more outfits guys!! I'll try to contribute more too.

May 13, 2010

Two X Chromosomes

Necklace was a birthday gift from a friend. She bought it at a boutique in Brooklyn Heights, NY.

May 07, 2010

Golden Week Treasures

Outfits nicely done everyone!
I haven't been posting comments but have really enjoyed everyone's posts!

Over GW here in Japan and I've been travelling around the country and shopping up a storm.

Here are some of the treasures I've found in Toyohashi, Hamamatsu and Harajuku:

Accessories galore!!!

I do love my hairbands and own about a gazillion of them. On this GW, I have 4 new additions to my collection :)

I haven't seen Alice in Wonderland yet but I absolutely love the Alice theme from white rabbits, teapots to ticking clocks. I am in love with this new watch- It even has a mini teapot charm hanging off it <3

Because the sales have been so crazy over GW, I have also bought about six dresses!
I shouldn't have brought any clothes with me in this trip and just wear what I buy around the country!
Here are just two of what I bought:

This dress is the Liberty Shirt dress from Earth Music and Ecology. It needs a belt around the waist to give it a bit of shape, I've also worn green tights with it.

Outfit #2. Dress from Toyohashi worn with dark orange stockings. Old Steve Madden ballet flats.

I particularly liked the detailing around the straps/shoulders. Gives the dress character :)

May 06, 2010

a smattering of people from Iwakuni Friendship Day

Each year about 200,000 people or so flock to Iwakuni U.S. Marine Corps Base for a day of inflated fair food prices, impressive acrobatics by Air Force pilots, and waiting in line to get their pictures taken with Marines in uniform posing in front of parked helicopters. I took it upon myself to take a smattering of stalker-esque point-and-shoot photos of people I found particularly interesting or stylish.

May 03, 2010

Formal wear

Never really liked wearing suits, ties, or dress-shirts - always felt uncomfortable and constricted in them, would rather wear a t-shirt and jeans, I guess. I don't know too much about clothing for business or formal wear, and people get pretty serious about that, apparently, but whatever. Here's what I wore to a wedding (real uncomfortable, my ex-girlfriend getting married, glad I dodged that bullet..), couldn't be bothered to find a tie:

Raf Simons overcoat
Dries Van Noten suit
N. Hoolywood shirt
Jil Sander shoes (not visible)

Still a bit cold up here in Seattle lately. I don't even particularly like Dior other than the jeans, which are real comfortable yet still fit pretty well, but somehow have some miscellaneous Dior Homme items that I got cheap, and ended up wearing most of them yesterday. For anyone interested, Dior Homme used to be really awesome from like 2001-2007 when a dude named Hedi Slimane was designing their collections, marked by a dark "rock" look and a slim silhouette. He left after contract issues, and the collections since 2008 have been pretty mediocre. Here's one of my favorite campaign photographs, from Autumn/Winter 2003, the infamous "Napoleon" jacket:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Again, sorry for the pictures, I'm just not very good at taking pictures of myself, the angle makes me look a lot smaller than I am, too. At least I tried smiling!

Dior Hat
Dior jacket
Odyn Vovk tee
Dior jeans
Dior boots