May 03, 2010

Formal wear

Never really liked wearing suits, ties, or dress-shirts - always felt uncomfortable and constricted in them, would rather wear a t-shirt and jeans, I guess. I don't know too much about clothing for business or formal wear, and people get pretty serious about that, apparently, but whatever. Here's what I wore to a wedding (real uncomfortable, my ex-girlfriend getting married, glad I dodged that bullet..), couldn't be bothered to find a tie:

Raf Simons overcoat
Dries Van Noten suit
N. Hoolywood shirt
Jil Sander shoes (not visible)

Still a bit cold up here in Seattle lately. I don't even particularly like Dior other than the jeans, which are real comfortable yet still fit pretty well, but somehow have some miscellaneous Dior Homme items that I got cheap, and ended up wearing most of them yesterday. For anyone interested, Dior Homme used to be really awesome from like 2001-2007 when a dude named Hedi Slimane was designing their collections, marked by a dark "rock" look and a slim silhouette. He left after contract issues, and the collections since 2008 have been pretty mediocre. Here's one of my favorite campaign photographs, from Autumn/Winter 2003, the infamous "Napoleon" jacket:

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Again, sorry for the pictures, I'm just not very good at taking pictures of myself, the angle makes me look a lot smaller than I am, too. At least I tried smiling!

Dior Hat
Dior jacket
Odyn Vovk tee
Dior jeans
Dior boots


  1. Lovely. I always liked Dior for the reasons you listed. Definite A+ on both sets of outfits, and the smile is greatly appreciated ;)

  2. Oh, that suit looks great without a tie. I love the overcoat! I like your hat in the second set of photos, too. Black black black is so good, I love it.