April 28, 2010

Hello everyone!

Hi! So, I'm new -- I was shortlisted a few weeks back through Houston and am an avid follower of fashion blogs, so finding a group fashion blog for foreigners/JETs was just my luck.

Just the basics: My name is Ashley, I'm 22 years old, and I'm a sculptor/art major graduating in two weeks from a tiny liberal arts school in Texas. For clothes, I like wearing black as a base and then covering it with really colorful things (see: scarf collection). My philosophy is "show your damn legs" so I do at every turn, either with skinnies or shorts or miniskirts. It's not everyone's cup of tea but it's worked for me so far.

For today.

White leather jacket: Charlotte Russe.
Black tank-top: ancient/tag-less/probably some discount bin.
Black skinnies: Lei.
Shoes: thrifted/label-less.
Earrings (kinda pictured in the next photo): Cheap black plastic roses from Charlotte Russe.

So I guess that's it! Thanks for letting me post. Looking forward to Japan!


  1. you look amazing.

    i love that you shop cheap and make it look good. that's an important skill.

  2. Agreed, looks great. Love the white jacket, the angled zippered pockets are fantastic, not to mention the fact that white leather rules