April 22, 2010

for a party

Black one shoulder dress: Zara (Osaka Shinsaibashi)
Rabbit fur gloves: gift from a friend
Boots: OPA (Osaka Shinsaibashi)

This is for a party occupying the top two floors of the Aqua Hakata Building in Tenjin, Fukuoka. The dress code is "dress to impress, no flip flops." A friend of mine will be attending in a white suit. I think the gloves are a stupidly fun touch.


  1. Those gloves are great. And I really like the side ponytail. I'm really feeling on ponytails lately, idk why. But you look great!

  2. Gloves are great, look pretty comfortable
    Also digging the Aichi Expo poster on the wall (I worked there)

  3. Don't like the boots - needs some highheeled sandals or something to match the toga-esque-ness of the dress.