April 06, 2010

yellow and white

There is actually no black whatsoever in this outfit.

Cardigan is from Costco, sandals from Trial, necklace from some gyaru shop near Triangle Park in Osaka, dress from some boutique in Nice, floral top from the vintage shop in my town.


  1. Hey, nice fit, looks great, love the layering of the cardigan and floral button-up

    Anyways, I've recently been shortlisted for JET, interested in contributing for fun - what's the process for getting an invite? Thanks

  2. What's your Gmail address? I'll add you as a contributor. Thanks for reading!

  3. thanks, mail is acscharf at gmail dot com

  4. This is not what I would predict for you, but I really like it. You look terrific. You should wear yellow more, I think.