May 23, 2010

School Events

I haven't updated in a while, even though I took pictures of outfits I liked. :( Oh wells, I'm back! So these 2 pictures are from 2 consecutive days of school events. I decided to start wearing colors I normally don't wear.

Sorry, my mirror is really dirty. So this is my new H&M red x white striped ruffly blouse that I wore on Friday. That day was the Kansougeikai(welcome/farewell party) for our school so I dressed up in this blouse, black cardigan, black pants, and black flats. I really love this blouse! It fits really nicely and stretches under the boob-part so it's really comfortable. Got lots of compliments from teachers yay.

The day after the Kansougeikai (which was super fun) there was a field trip organized by one of the Social Studies teachers for the teachers to go explore the Fushimi area of Kyoto. A couple older teachers and some new young teachers at our school gathered for this event. The area is famous for Sakamoto Ryoma and sake. We visited some historical places (such as Terada-ya) and a couple sake breweries and spent the whole day drunk. :) So while we were waiting at the station for more teachers to arrive, the science teacher took a outfit snap of me. I was in the middle of reading a book so I didn't even notice he took it lol. Anyways, the outfit. SDL(Sexy Dynamite London) black t-shirt that says something like "Search and Destroy" on the back with skulls on the front, Peace Now black cardigan with an adjustable hem length, Uniqlo green x navy plaid skirt, trenka(?) black tights, black flats, Comme Ca sunglasses, and a $10purse I got in Korea.

And that's all. I want to see more outfits guys!! I'll try to contribute more too.

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