May 31, 2010

On a typical day

My name is Danica and I'll be coming to Japan in less than a month now to start working for ECC. I was with JET for a very short time period, but even then, I got a taste of the Japan life. Now I'm back for more. 
This is a very typical outfit for me. Jeans and a tee. But, I know in the coming months, these clothes will be replaced with my oh-so-awesome work clothes. sigh. 
Thanks to Krampus, I can hopefully start contributing to this site.

I ain't Nobody's fool.

On the lighter side of things, I love vintage clothing. Especially vintage dresses. Here's my favorite dress that I usually wear to formal occasions. It's a 70's sheer split sleeve dress.

I don't have any weird philosophies about what women should wear or how to wear things. I think you should wear what makes you comfortable and what you feel best fits your personality. I, for one, don't have legs to parade around in short skirts and shorts. You may be blinded by the reflection of the sun off these stumps of legs. So, you can count I'm usually in something below the knee. I'm also allergic to pastel. Anything lime green and vomit orange should be burned. I guess those are philosophies aren't they? 

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  1. awesome! I look forward to seeing more of your posts!