November 02, 2009

Theme: Halloween

Coming from Australia, we never celebrate Halloween so this is my virgin Halloween experience!
Initially I wanted to dress up as Hello Kitty slippers wearing Trashy Inaka Yumi but then I realised I would look so the part that no one would know I was in a costume.

After some careful thinking and planning this is what I came up with:

Behold! Kawyn is Wednesday Addams!
I bought the doll from the 100yen shop and drew scars all over her body and blacked out her eye to make it scarier.
The noose around her neck was very handy as she became a cool accessory I twirled and swang at people on the dancefloor. I was so trashed at the party I lost my Marie Antoinette numerous times but she always found her way back to me :)
I'm naturally pretty pale so all I needed was a bit of foundation, plenty of eye liner and a death like expression to look the part.
Too bad most Japanese people had no idea who the Addams were. Most of them thought I was an angry goth kid.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome costume, Halloween virgin. I'm assuming you experienced Meelynn-syndrome, whereby everyone confused you for just a nerd/freak/prostitute, rather than a costume-clad foreigner.

    PS i like your censor box.