November 09, 2009

Theme: Trolling for ass on the weekend wear

I never really trolled for ass (I'm assuming thats American lingo for picking up?) because I've always been too lazy to go out clubbing or anything. But when I do go clubbing, the highlight of my night would probably be dressing up for it and once I'm dressed I can't be assed going out :P
When I go to pubs and stuff with girlfriends back at home I would usually wear a fitting little black dress (which I didn't bring here).
I didn't bring most of my nice dresses here as they would probably be too reveling for Japanese standards so this little number with sleaves is the only LBD I brought over with me.
A bit shapeless? Yes, but it is great for going out and eating and drinking beer and eating and drinking beer because the tummy is invisible :)
This second outfit is also a shapeless sack but I tried it with a belt! Unlike most of the contributors here, I actually prefer wearing lighter colours and tend to avoid too much black.
These boots are my new "stylish" rainboots from ABC mart. I'm kinda running out of shoes I can wear inside so don't mind it if it doesn't exactly go with the dress!
Of course I have included a photo with my fluffy rabbit scarf :)
Here I tied in a loose knot.
Don't know how much ass I could get with these assembles but hot asses would be attracted to a confident person and I'm the most confident in something pretty, comfortable and can hide my flaws :)


  1. Personally, I'm way more attracted to the お譲系 fashion that you're sporting here over the semi-goth blacks and other dark colors that a lot of posters enjoy.

    Short skirts and low-cut tops are of course sexy and enticing, but the cute n' conservative style is #1 in my books!

  2. The white dress looks soooooo good with the rabbit scarf!!! And those boots are divine. I wish my legs could fit into something similar!

  3. benny boi: awww thanks!
    i dont look good with too much black even though i know it has slimming properties, looks elegant etc etc. btw i had no idea what that kanji u wrote means but i'm guessing its the kinda style i like :)
    btw where are YOUR posts huh? ^^ i'd love to see you post your stylez

    miss igirisu: ahha yeah thats the only thing i found to look ok with the scarf!
    the boots should fit u too because they have larger sizes too! find em at abc mart ^^
    what shoe size are you?