November 04, 2009

This is how I wear my scarf

This is a bit of back track to cold weather/ going out wear and a tribute to Charlotte/ Miss_Igirisu- my baby rabbit scarf buddy.

This post is about my fluffy gray scarf.

I usually like to wear it when I'm in casual stuff like a tee and jeans tucked into boots.
This is my favorite tee at the moment ;)
I bought it in Hong Kong when I went over silver week. I got it at Giordano which is like the Uniqlo of Hong Kong and it was a charity tee for betterment of animal welfare. In this picture, I wore it over many many layers of thermals and a stripey 3/4 sleave tee to keep my cozy.
Anyway back to the scarf, some girls make a loop through and it does look like you don't have a neck but it could work in some elegant Japanese office lady fashion like with a sweater dress or something. :)

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  1. Ooh I like it! I don't tie mine too tight though or it eats all my neck. Will post mine in a sec.