November 09, 2009

theme: trolling for ass on a weekend

I haven't trolled for ass in years as I've learned the value of being in a stable relationship versus playing Russian Roulette with genital herpes, but it's still fun to play dressup.

You have to cater to your targets. The first outfit is obviously catered to an audience who appreciates Doc Martens and vaguely gothy things. I'd wear that to a goth club or Wacken. The dress was purchased last winter in Amsterdam at a street market.

The second is more all-encompassing. When trolling for ass it's important not to look like someone whose pimp gets a share of the ass which is trolled. Skimpy shirt + skimpy bottom is never classy. The top is just a t-shirt from H&M and the skirt was bought at an airport somewhere.


  1. very cute!
    love the first one cause of the style, and the second one is very classy but sexy :D

    damn i haven't posted in a while. i need to get on that.

  2. the first one is cute and i love how you complimented it with an unlit cig!

    i like the second one better though. verrryyy sexy!

  3. yep once again it was from me...
    i should really sign my name before i make a nameless comment! :(