November 02, 2009

New hair - Lydia

Ok so not exactly fashion but it's as good as i get at the moment and i unfortunately didn't get a shot of my going out outfit from the other night which includes some very cute leopard print heels which are now in the forgotten rucksack currently sitting in Shin-Osaka station.

However in this picture i am modelling my new YSL sweat rag ... yes, i truly do live the glamourous life, and a bargain at 1050 yen!

Ho hum ... here's the picture .... this is a very windswept and in desperate need of restraightening etc but you get the idea - reblonded and and long fringe cut in ... if anyone's in Tokyo and wants a haircut i really recommend the salon - Watanabe's in Harajuku: (I'm on the right)

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