November 11, 2009


I haven't posted in a while so yay!
None of these are on theme but anyways~

On the left: I dressed up the other day to go out and wore my new boots! I'm wearing a shirt that was from some cheap gyaru shop in Namba, pinstriped shorts, tights, and my new engineer boots. The boots were on sale for 3000 yen and they aren't too cheap-looking like the other ones I've seen. The shop had LL size and although L size fit, LL was more comfortable and the shop lady gave me some insoles to make them fit better. :D

I feel weird bringing back up the thread, so I'm posting the boots here. Zara, these are the Demonia boots. They're size 24.5 but they fit my feet, which made me happy. They're pretty comfortable because they're wide and have a platform thing. The studded straps snap together on both sides.

Don't have any "trolling for ass on the weekend" outfits now, but maybe I'll try that out later if I'm not lazy.


  1. those are cute! are the studded straps removable too, or no? i really need to take a trip to osaka if i want to find boots that fit me. are there any particular places you would recommend?


  2. I heart those boots!
    My legs are too fat for them to look good on me :-(

  3. those boots do look very cool!
    they would be very nice to kick some butt too i reckon! xD

  4. >Zara

    no the straps aren't removable. they're connected to the boot at the top and the straps snap at the bottom after crossing over.

    as for shopping...the shoutengais in Namba have lots of shoe stores. they cater mostly to gyaru style, but you can find some good stuff sometimes. these boots are from regulus in shinsaibashi.

    >miss_igirisu and kawyn

    thanks! i need to go find some butt to kick.