December 07, 2009

Kawyn's new coat <3 (and ugly chunky knit dress I can't stop wearing)

I bought ANOTHER new coat recently and I'm in luuuuuurve with it!

I've always wanted a short paddington coat (just like Paddington bear!). As I've mentioned previously, I tend to stay away from too much black and recently I've been loving anything thats navy to replace black basics. I've been raving about it nonstop on itil <333333
I think it goes with almost everything I own for work. Its quite thin so it needs a lot of layering as it gets colder.

Here is the ugly chunky knit dress I always wear and complain about (But I can't seem to stop wearing??). It makes me look and feel like a short stumpy barrel while anything I wear underneath must be smoothed out or I'd look lumpy on top of stumpy.

And here is my white beret from my white tights outfit =]
It has a detatchable furry pompom as you can see me holding up in the picture.


  1. Maybe it's just the picture but it looks like the chunky knit dress and the Paddington coat should be kept away from each other at all times. I'd be interested to see what the coat looks like with tight pants!

  2. I second the coat with tight pants, looks like it could be a really chic combo.

  3. Yeah to the pants, but that dress is screaming for the white tights!