December 27, 2009

Posting from Summerland! <3

I have escaped Wintery Japan for the time being and headed south for home =]

So for you folks still in Winter wonderland here are some Summer dresses to freshen things up!

Here are the dresses I bought at the Boxing Day Sales <3 dress
Dress 1) Red Floral Dress <3

Dress 2 and 3) Casual Summer Tank Dress in a lace pattern and leopard print. They were a bargain at $20 for two dresses. Very comfy and casual, ideal for a lazy Summer day of catching up and ice coffee.

Dress 4) Little Black Dress with Zip. I've always wanted to try the zipper look but have found most zipper items to be uncomfortable to wear and some what trashy and provocative but this one- I love it!

The zip doesn't go all the way down so there is no fear that someone could completely unzip my dress and result in it flapping around like a coat (but I guess any sort of unzipping won't look good here either! :) I have red peep toe heels on in this picture.

This shall be my New Years Eve dress to welcome the fab year of 2010!
(unless I find something better! :P )

Kawyn =)

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  1. i really like the first red dress, very cute! i'm jealous of you getting to experience a little bit of summer, i'm definitely ready for some warmer weather. i LOVE the black zipper dress, totally something i would wear! dig the red heels with it too. <3