October 13, 2009

Instead of going to the gym

So I tried to go to the gym but a nail punctured my scooter's tyre and so it died and I figured it was a sign from God to say that I should just go home and post on here instead. God also told me that Baskin Robin's Halloween ice-cream would take all my scooter induced stress away...

So, this is the dress that from ASOS.com. I heart tea dresses. I am also quite fond of those leggings too. They seem to make my legs look less fat. And they were from TutuAnna, which is quite possibly the best shop known to mankind.



  1. That is awfully cute! I love tea dresses too. And I am a big fan of the stirrup leggings this season for the same leg lengthening reasons ;)

  2. The pattern on that dress is delicious.