October 12, 2009

Outfit post #2

Hello again~I'm bored on this Monday night, so time to post some outfits from the weekend! I actually didn't dress all punk/goth like usual...I felt like dressing a bit different this weekend.

The one to the left is from Sunday~went out for some yummy Italian in Umeda. Gray H&M dress that I got in Hong Kong (no way am I waiting in line for 2+ hours in Tokyo), UNIQLO "neo-leather" motorcycle jacket, flats, and those same tights/leggings things that I am really in love with because they (hopefully) make my Japanese legs look somewhat slimmer.
And below is what I wore today. Ignore the angry face please. I apparently like to concentrate really hard when taking pictures of myself. This is a more casual look. Lace tanktop, cardigan, plaid shorts, flats, and those same tights/leggings. I do wash those things btw!
Anyways, hopefully you enjoyed this random post. Hopefully more people post their weekend outfit posts!


  1. I like the jacket in the first picture. It's pretty bad ass!

  2. you look great! and i think we dress almost exactly the same :)

  3. Haha, we were looking at the 'neo-leather' goods at Uniqlo the other day. That one actually looks good from the picture you took there.