October 20, 2009

Theme: Coats and outer wear

Why wear anything else in Winter when all you need is a nice warm coat and maybe some knee high socks? :)

This coat was quite a splurge from a shopping trip last weekend. It is just so cute I HAD to have it! <3

the back is gathered so it doesn't look like a shapeless sack and its not obvious from the photos but it is actually a dusty pink colour with some nice detailing! :)


  1. I want to like it but it's awfully billowy at the bottom and makes you look like Mother Ginger from "The Nutcracker." Do you have another shot? It's hard to tell from this one.

  2. Krampus: Yeah is quite billowy especially since I zipped it up like a dress. It might look better if I didn't zip it up but at the time I couldn't be stuffed wearing anything underneath so its zipped! :P

  3. Oh my word! she is looking damm cute in that look and the outfit of her is so touchy to eyes .clothing lovers must admire your work.

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