October 08, 2009

Enter the dragon.... (13)

My fall zip up hoodie style with hair destroyed by typhoon wind.
Can you guess where this ensemble comes from? Aw yeah.

And when the weather gets a little colder, out comes the Dean Winchester jacket!

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

現在地:Takasaki, Gunma
出身地:Vancouver, BC
仕事:Coordinator for Int'l Relations


Whatever's in the discount bin at Uniqlo, and of course, stealing from friends! To hell with brand names, I says! Oh, and for the record, I'm horrible at taking glamor shots of myself. Sorry...


  1. is that a flat top I see? ;)

    looking good, I like the jacket and those are nice jeans!

  2. i like the belt! that's a good "fashionable" man belt... and the Dean Winchester jacket is good, but big no-no on the uniqlo vest! (but i'll let it pass cuz i own one as well... aaah... but they should just be for school or lounging around cuz they are kinda style-less...)

  3. hehe, that's usually what i wear the zip-up hoody for, lounging around and shit... if i'm going out, i won't put it on of course...

  4. Benny Boi, where those jeans is from? I need a good jeans like this.

  5. Uniqlo, of course! They're the easy-fit イージーフィット style (which are considerably harder to find than the rest of the styles). I like them because they're regular boot cut and not super tight on the legs but still fairly tight around the crotch/butt area.