October 08, 2009

Day and Night

AGE: 25
HOMETOWN: Georgetown, KY, USA
JOB: Assistant Language Teacher
CURRENT INSPIRATION: Anton Corbijn's Depeche Mode videos, Stephane Sednaoui's short film based on Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side, David Bowie
WEBSITE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wes_beltz/

I make do with what I have because my arms are too long for anything with sleeves in Japan. Uniqlo's jeans and t-shirts are great. I have a few solid wardrobe staples from home that I use to create uniform-like outfits with maybe only one variable so I am not actually wearing the same thing over and over. The first picture is what I wear to work. Dressing conservatively takes no effort and I am not a morning person.


  1. i really love your sad dad jacket. when it gets cold i bet that last outfit would look super with a sort of fringey ratty looking scarf. yeahhh.

  2. There is definitely something of the Brit indie boy of the 90s about your style.

    You would fit in so well down Camden Town!! :)