October 19, 2009

I like black suits!

Here's what I wore to work today (and more or less everyday). I personally love black suits with a light colored (or white base) shirt and tie combo. I've pretty much got the salaryman look down, but I choose my shirts very carefully -- must be double button collar, and sharp cuffs which in Japan comes beautifully in the form of Brick House brand y-shirts. A matching, yet contrasting tie is extremely important... Choose your colors wisely, gentlemen.

For the record, I've had this particular suit for years (and recently hemmed due to me being much fatter when I first bought the suit) so the center pleat is not really well defined anymore and the crotch is a little too roomy. I really want to pick up a few new suits, but I would need some money for that first! :(

Please excuse the goofy smile in the first picture... :P


  1. this is sharp as hell. i love the flowers and the Livestrong bracelets in the second picture ;)

  2. Haha, I recieved those flowers from the PTA of a school that I did a presentation at. And the Livestrongs never come off! ;)

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  4. sorry wrote a comment meant for krampus here by accident.
    but anyways, lookin sharp!

  5. Love the tie and the glasses!
    But most of all I think I love your "I'm-going-to-be-fashionably-late-but-I-don't-give-a-shit-cos-I-look-effin-hot" look! :D


  6. pedosmile. At least you have your eyes open.

    I like your tie. what is going on with your cuffs?

  7. @ Kawyn
    Yeah, I love my glasses too! Picked up these Oakley's when I went back home (although they're available in Japan too... Wish I'd known that). And yes, I'm pretty sure I've been "fashionably" late almost every day for the last month! :P

    @ Big B
    Yeah, the pedosmile was something I picked up in the old country. The tie is actually one of my cheaper ones, but I really like the color. My cuffs are actually undone in that picture because the watch I wear has an oversized face that doesn't into the closed cuff, lol. Although if I'm actually meeting someone important I'll do them up.