October 28, 2009

Let's wearing the outers

Ok so although it's a bit late, I'm now ready to jump on this outer-wear bandwagon.

Recently my winter case was delivered and so I have a nice collection of jackets and coats. This is my current favourite; my Peacocks (for all the Brits out there) jacket. My jumper is my nice new Uniqlo "Disney" jumper.

What's nice about this jacket is that if I want to be a bit girly...

I can wear my new scarf that feels like it's made of baby rabbits. I see the J-girls wearing stuff like this.. I'm not quite sure how to make it look good yet but I'll work out a flattering way to tie the scarf soon.


  1. yeah that is a cute scarf. I think those sorts of scarves look best when you try to make it look like you've just thrown it on. Effortless takes a lot of work though!

  2. Ohhhh!!! I have the same scarf but haven't worked out what to wear it with!
    Its realllllly soft isn't it?

    We should exchange scarf wearing ideas!:D


  3. Kawyn- we really should!! All the Japanese girls fold it in half and then link it through, but it makes me look like I have no neck...