October 10, 2009

Tapping Into My "British Chris" Side

Well, last night I was searching around Don Quixote, with nothing really in mind. Then something caught my eye: a hoodie that I normally wouldn't ever wear. But you know what. This Fresh Prince is in Japan and who gives a EFF right? So in this situation I said to myself "What Would British Chris Do?" First, he would say "THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!" Then he would try it on. So I did. Let's just say we fit better together than crumpets and tea. Anyway, the final product:

Merry Christmas to all you HO HO HOs!

Your Freshness,



  1. Nice hoodie, but the chick on your wall needs more cleavage.

  2. That's actually my wall, and that dress she's wearing is AWESOME!

  3. haha. good one douggie.

    love the hoodie ^_^