October 17, 2009

Outfit post #3: work/going out

The outfits are what I wore on Friday, to work and later to go out. :D

First one: work outfit!
The day before I went to UNIQLO and the argyle sweaters were on sale so I got one in navy and one in black. I decided to wear the navy one on Friday to work. I love them both! They fit really well. So I wore that and black jeans that are kinda crumpled and wrinkly at the bottom because my legs aren't long.

Next: going out outfit!
I went out to eat Korean food with my friends, then headed off to the Osaka JET pub crawl on Friday night. That was ok I guess haha. After work, I changed into this F21 leopard print top, H&M vest, and another pair of black skinny pants. I love leopard print
And of course, ignore my retarded picture-taking face and poses please. Otherwise, have a nice weekend!


  1. gosh you're gorgeous! i like these both, big approval from my end. and your hair rocks!

  2. looking hot in the party outfit missy! plus hair looks nice too ^_-