October 08, 2009

A Closer Look at the Fresh Prince..

So you are curious as to what I, the Fresh Prince, wear, amirite? Probably not, but too bad. This hombre has his own panache. And a wide variety at that!

For example, during the summer, when it's hot and I want to allow the natural air and wind to brisk against my baby soft, pale skin, I tend to walk around in this ensemble:

As you can see, I have tastefully pieced together some top-of-the-line designer khaki shorts with a white ribbed wife beater to accenuate my figure while allowing my body to breathe easily. I mean, it ain't easy being in Japan during the summer. Talk about humidity! And, as I always say, dress for success! =)

My next ensemble is what i like to call the "T.I. - Whatever You Like" outfit. Reason behind it? Because I can wear it WHENEVER and WHEREVER I like... and since "whatever" is also a Question word + EVER, it works. Get it? =) Anyway, the ensemble!

Now you may ask, "Why? Why, Fresh Prince, do you have three pictures of you in the same outfit on here?" Well, lovely audience. The answer is simple: I simply couldn't decide which one I looked the best in (I mean, it's like choosing between the best, bester, and bestest, ya kno! hehe); so I posted all three! =) This outfit can be worn anywhere! The UNIQue poLO allows me to feel comfortable and stylist no matter if I'm at a club or a supermarket. I'm always going to be strutting in style. The jeans, with the stonewashed flat-front, grip my derriere ever so nicely. Also the pockets allow for me to fit enough in there but not too much. (Is that really my cellphone? hehe) Lastly, the hat just further completes the outfit in giving it a personal taste and flair. For me, it's always between this hat or the "I'm a Legend in Japan" hat. =D

And for my last ensemble:

This outfit right here just screams "GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!" That's because this is my "Game Day" apparel. If you know this Prince well, you know he loves his football, especially the New Orleans Saints. While #9 Drew Brees is my absolute favorite player in the NFL (and not-so-secret, "if I was gay" man-crush), it can be swapped out with jerseys of other players, such as #25 Reggie "I bang Kim Kardashian and STILL can hold my balls" Bush, #12 Marques Colston, #51 Jonathan Vilma, or #98 Sedrick Ellis. To match the jersey, I decided to throw in a bit of extra sporty-ness with an NFL draft cap! Oh lah lah! Lastly, a football. Because seriously, when isn't a football necessary?
That's all for today! But the Fresh Prince will be back again with more fashion insight soon enough.. Ta Ta for now!


  1. this is what i'm talking about. these all go very nicely with your manly stubble doug. i am proud of you, you are a true pillar of style and sexy.


  2. lol at you douggie... i do love you so so much! *hugs*