October 12, 2009

satanic panic

In various polls and surveys asking American men which look they find most attractive on women, "T-shirt and jeans" ranks high almost every time. Screw that. This is a rare occurrence, but I desperately wanted/needed to show off this shirt I got today at "Territory Satanism and Witchcraft" shop in Osaka. I absolutely love goats and sigils of Baphomet and all that goofy silly stuff that makes oversensitive right-wingers shudder and speak in tongues. Maybe it wasn't worth ¥3800 but who cares? Bonus: the shirt fits quite well.


  1. the shirt looks great on you! :D

    there's a satanism and witchcraft shop in osaka??? i must check this out. where is it?

  2. That t-shirt/jeans combo actually looks really good on you!

    BTW, I dunno if you watch The Office, but Dwight was sporting a howling wolf shirt...