October 09, 2009

intro plus going out oufit!

NAME: Chise
AGE: 22
LOCATION: Osaka pref.
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles
JOB: ALT-ing for crazy high schoolers who can't speak English
CURRENT FASHION GOAL(S)/STATEMENT: japanese goth/punk styles!!! i love their brands <3

hi! that's me on the left(drinking, but hey). so i'm not on itil much (i'm punksakura, yeah you probably don't know me...i came to an o-rama earlier this year(?) in osaka), but i wanted to contribute since i'm bored all the time and this is a fun way to pass the time. i love fashion!

i pretty much wear only black....like 90% of my outfit is black everyday. i like a lot of japanese punk/gothic brands, so if anything is ever on sale i get really tempted since that stuff is super expensive normally.

anyways, a going out outfit! i don't have many full outfit shots so this one is the only one i have from these past couple weeks. this picture on the right is an outfit from about 3 weeks ago from when i went to hong kong and macao for silver week. this was sands or mgm or something....i don't remember. navy dress that's knitted(?) lace in the back and those tights/leggings that cut off at the foot. my first picture shows some of that lace stuff.


  1. man you always look so cute. black is the best color obviously. sometimes i think our clothes are interchangeable :D

  2. >Krampus

    thank you :D and yes! we have a similar style. if we were'nt so far from each other i would totally borrow your clothes.

  3. We have a small totally j-punk fashion store close to the station that I walk by everyday on my way to/from work. It even has a lil' skull in its logo. I'll take a picture of it next time ;-)