October 19, 2009

the same outfit twice

This is a "typical" outfit. Like I pretty much wear some variation of this every day. Cardigan, skirt, tights, boots, jacket if it's cold. I can dress it up for work by wearing work-like shoes or a nicer jacket. BTW the jacket pictured is totally FREE Marc Jacobs that I found in the "free box" in college. Attending school with rich kids had its definite advantages.


  1. Love the long coat + skirt combo... Hate the slouching! :P

    Those boots definitely suit you, but are they not impossible to put on/off at work?

  2. I don't wear them to work, but my work shoes are so boring there's no point. ;)

    I'm not slouching, I'm leaning!

  3. i love it! i need to wear more skirts too~your pictures inspire me! :D