June 04, 2010

monotonous work clothes

So, I went out and bought some more work clothes which have to be "nice" blouses and things of that nature. I'm kind of out my element when it comes to clothing in this dept. So, my stuff may be kind of yawn inducing. I bought some $9.50 shoes to go out in yesterday that I thought were a steal. I'm not exactly a fashionista, so if they are ugly, please say so that I don't go out and have everyone point and laugh at my ugly shoes. 

My favorite necklace is a necklace passed down to me from my great-great grandmother. It was made in about 1860 or so and is edelweiss. I love it dearly.

New Blouse:

Me in all of the above: (you can't see the shoes)

Those are new jeans as well from American Eagle outfitters. I had to find at least 2 new pairs of pants to accommodate my hips and butt considering that Japan does not cater to either. 
Curse you girls who can wear whatever jeans you want. It takes me hundreds of pairs to find one pair that doesn't fit really funny. Especially since I'm 5'3'' and it's impossible to find normal length jeans.

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  1. Those shoes are GREAT. I am jealous! I want a pair! And I know how the jeans thing goes -- I'm 5'2" and my pants are aaaaalways too long (and in some cases, too short).