July 13, 2010

ahhhhh clothes!

Hi everyone! I have a toooon of stuff to share so I'll try to be concise. I'm trying to figure out some work clothes (and more specifically, suit stuff to wear for the JET Tokyo Orientation) so any insight would be appreciated! Also, sorry for the weird cluttered awkwardly-posed photos! It's hard to take pictures of yourself, idk.

Here's suit number one. I prefer it unbuttoned:

And I prefer it even more with tights:

My worry with this suit is that the skirt is too short. Is it? Will I get in trouble? :( I feel like anything I find in my size is super short -- be it pants or a skirt. Apparently petite people usually have short legs!

My second suit option I can't even show fully because the pants are currently at the tailors! I only have my ~Daisy Fuentes~ too-tight trousers to wear with the jacket currently:

I think it's better than the first suit, but most people disagree with me, so I don't know if I should even bother bringing it to TO...

I also have a pencil skirt that I think might work for school, but my mother thinks it's too "fashionable" to wear for work clothes:

Ahhhh I don't even know what I'm doing, haha. What do you guys wear to school? Is anything a big no-no?

I also have some non-work clothes that I bought for running around Tokyo, but I'll share those next time! Thanks everyone!


  1. Of everything you posted, the black and white jacket is the least SFW, but none of it will actually get you "in trouble" at all. The skirt with the first suit isn't too short at all and the pencil skirt is just fine for work. A lot of teachers here are frumpy as hell, would do them a service to dress up-to-date to work!

    I would recommend the first suit for Tokyo Orientation. I didn't wear a "real" suit when I went and I felt uncomfortably underdressed.

  2. Yeah, I agree with Krampus. You are pretty safe with all of those. Including the pencil skirt. It's cute.
    And you aren't really going to know how much you have to dress up at your school until you really get here and kinda gage the situation. Some people get away wearing crap while others are wearing suits every day. Just come knowing you might not have to worry about the suits as much per say as bringing just some regular work clothes like slacks and nice shirts to pair up with them.
    My work wardrobe so far is not that big, but switching the pieces makes it just fine. And I'm working at a company where dress is super important.
    You should be totally fine.