December 13, 2010

The Igirisu is Back

Since I've been back at ITIL for a little while now, I thought it's about time to resume duties here at Oshare. We have a lot of new people here right now, aspiring to be wonderful and oshare just like us, so it's only right that we help guide our younger sisters (and brothers...) along.

Now enough of that.

A little while back I bought a hairband with big
flowers on it. Since one of my style icons is Blair Waldorf, I wanted to get into this whole hairband thing. But the thing is, here in Middle of Nowhere市BFI町, if you go about with something stuck on your head, you feel like a prick. Except, of course, for those stupid rabbit ear things that were here like the plague in the summer.

So, although I knew my hairband was gorgeous in every way, it's been sat in my drawer for months, looking sadly up at me every time I go by.

That was until this weekend. I was to go to karaoke with a few friends, and I wanted to have pretty hair just for once. Out came the hairband, and ... it didn't look strange.

In Igirisu-style make up news...

One of the thinks I like best about Japan is all the make-up. Of course, there is lots of different make up in other countries too. But Japanese drug stores always have the kind of "and everything else" section in its make-up aisles. For all the bits that aren't owned by big companies. I love these little bits. I use a face powder called "Clear Last" which smells sweet and also lasts a long time. Also from that s
ection is my new "extension-like" mascara. I've tried with all the expensive brands and all the stuff with the white mascara with the black on top. It just makes my eyelashes all clumpy. That was until I found "Fiber Extension" mascara. It doesn't thicken my eyelashes at all, but they become super long.

Perhaps my favourite find from the "and everything else" makeup section is the sparkly green eyeliner. I once went out clubbing with my good friend and make-up expert Kawaii Candie and as we were doing our make up, she saw me whip it out and nearly shouted at me for even suggesting to wear such bold make up. However, it can be done right. I dab a tiny bit into the outer corners of my eyes, and it really makes the blue of my eyes brighter. The second photo was taken seconds after the first so you can see that from far away it doesn't show much at all. Just gives you that extra sparkle.

Perhaps there are other members out there who are fans of the "and everything else" make-up section?!


  1. I'm absolute crap at putting on makeup and I refuse to buy brands that aren't sold at drug stores. Usually a night out on the town involves hitting up a drugstore and applying samples. ;)

    I like the headbands on you.